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Directory Subscription is your online portal for access to your payment, subscription and affiliate programs for DirectoryToolkit services and DirectorySuite software.

Software: Client Login
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Bulk software subscriptions for select DirectorySuite software now available as part of our membership plans!

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Our entry level plan now is now available!

Optimize client social media marketing campaigns and increase your ROI with automation and viral contests

  • Manage - Up to 60 Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube accounts in one dashboard.
  • Schedule - Schedule posts in advance and automate reposts
  • Incentivize - Launch engaging viral contests and referral sweepstakes
  • Engage - Let your customers share testimonials, photos, and stories
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  • Host - UNLIMITED episodes & UNLIMITED listeners. Bandwidth for 50K downloads.
  • Market - Capture email addresses , easily insert CTA, and transcribe audio.
  • Distribute - One click to add your RSS feed to the top 12 podcast directories.
  • Brand - Embed anywhere, Custom Domain, Audio insert intro/outros

Podcast hosting to grow your directory's social engagement, traffic and revenue

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  • Connect - Live page visitor count lets people know there are people to chat
  • Embed - Easily embed on all pages of your directory, choose button location
  • Install - Free install for quick and easy setup to start chatting today!
  • Brand - Add your brand colors, and even your directory logo to customize

Spark instant communities with live chat on every page of your directory website

Make your directory accessible to people with disabilities and attain ADA & WCAG compliance

  • Access - ADA & WCAG compliance with a single script install to your site
  • Customize - Readability, Visual, Accessibility, and Orientation Options
  • Comply - Avoid Legal Issues -Protect Yourself & Your Clients Today
  • Brand - White label widget with color branding added to your directory
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  • Search - Let your users find their own answers using integrated search
  • Guide - Use forms for recurring tasks & procedures with Workflows.
  • Charge - Take payments in Workflows from your customers
  • Embed - Add knowledgebase widgets on your directory website

Enhance your directory support with a searchable FAQ Knowledgebase and dynamic form workflows

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  • Build - Build fully responsive landing pages with simple drag & drop editing
  • Accelerate - AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Google cached for instant load
  • Convert - Experiment & Optimize with A/B Testing and Lead Capture forms
  • Sell - Sell Products with 1-click Stripe checkouts from your landing page

Build high converting landing pages in minutes from templates and a no code drag and drop editor

Automate collection of high-quality testimonials for your directory

  • Collect - Add branded testimonial capture forms to your directory
  • Display - Show reviews on your directory using widgets
  • Integrate - Sync reviews with Google, Facebook, Yelp and more
  • Market- Automatically share your best reviews on social networks
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  • Engage - Over 15 popup types fully customizable to your directory needs
  • Capture - Pass leads automatically to the most popular Email/CRM solutions
  • Boost - Drive more sales with interactive, gamified reward widgets
  • Market - Pinpoint messaging, control when & how popups appear

Engage visitors, capture leads, and drive more sales with on-site messaging

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  • Schedule - Custom booking pages or embed directly into your directory
  • Sync - Dynamic calendar sync with automatic Zoom/Meet room creation
  • Automate - Integrated Email & SMS reminders, seamless rescheduling
  • Sell - Services, Subscriptions, Products, or Donations through PayPal or Stripe

Get high-converting booking pages that turn your directory visitors into appointments & sales

Easily integrate your directory to multiple applications to automate your tasks

  • Add an additional 7,000 Tasks to your Pabbly.com account
  • Connect- Integrate your directory with 750+ Applications with webhooks
  • Parse - Extract data from incoming emails like email, name, and subject
  • Schedule - Set up a date and time to execute workflows.
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  • Organize - Notes, data & files synced real time across all your devices
  • Record - Create screenshots, audio, and video for your clients & teams
  • Capture - Clip all kinds of content from web pages - select, save, share
  • Embed - Embed documents to your directory and bring flexibility to them

Manage your directory business information by collecting, organizing & sharing notes or documents

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  • Visualize - Discover data insights & interaction analysis with heatmaps
  • Understand - Learn visitor use patterns with live session recordings
  • Optimize - Find the best performing website text with A/B Testing
  • Engage - Customer engagement with screenshot and video feedback

All-in-one optimization platform with real-time insight into how people interact with your directory